Is it safe and sound to carry on HCG diet program

Ocean of argument already have taken place and since the revelations thousands of articles and journals have been written over the safety of HCG diet, apart from that, it is still now in question whether it is really effective or merely a craze that has captivated the hyped people. Numbers of debaters are here with their own facts and reasons denying and accepting its efficacy. In an endeavor to prove its capability thousands studies have already accomplished and numerous studies are on their way. But observing its persistent efficacy most of the researchers have accepted its capability and immense stab upon the stubborn fat of the body.

In the HCG diet program the HCG hormone collected from the body of pregnant women is injected into the body of obese patients. During pregnancy placenta secrets HCG hormone and it is responsible in breaking down the stored fat in the purpose of feed the baby at the initial stage of the pregnancy. It was observed that if the amount of that hormone can be triggered up in normal people’s body then the stubborn stored fat can be destroyed eventually and the process of weight loosing becomes faster.

In the year 1950 a British Doctor Simeone first inserted the hormone in the body of Froehlich suffering children, in such condition the children experience slower developing process of the reproductive organs and obesity. Those children found immense improvement in their health; body started to reduce the fat and also grew lean muscle. From the outcome of the research, Simeone got the inspiration of using HCG hormone to cure obesity and he discussed about the program in details in his book Pounds and Inches.

Apart from the injection he recommended to intake maximum 500 calories per day, he told that 500 calories are enough to ingest per day as the body will gain its required calories from the trapped fat of the body, and the hormone helps the body to release the trapped fat. During menstruation it is prohibited to take the injection and but she can continue the VLCD; once the menstruation cycle is over the followers can reinstate the HCG injection. Read more at .

In the HCG diet method one need to inject the hormone in the body because in this way the hormone works most effectively, though nowadays one can find out the oral pills as well, but it may not be as effective as it is like the injection. As the dieter needs to inject the hormone into the body, most people may get scared of it, but for their satisfaction I must mention that the needle of the injection is not wider than hair, hence you will not feel any sort of pain. But it is suggested to learn the proper way of injecting the hormone and most importantly the dosage. The dosage must be in proper level, the lower level of hormone may not be impactful and the higher level may be the cause of side effects. hence before applying you must be well aware of the entire method.