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How to get your typewriter fixed for problems

Few tips on solving common typewriter problems As typewriter is not in use that’s why you may face hurdle to find out a mechanic to fix the problem that’s why here a few tips is described on How to get your typewriter fixed for problems. Remove the dirt The paint of the key may appear […]

Typewriters in the USA and their decline

The Popularity of Typewriters in the USA and Their Considerable Decline Although the idea of typewriters was conceived in the 16th century, yet it gained wide popularity in the early 19th century. Typewriters were widely used in US in 19th century with many models of typewriters flourishing the market of US. The market saw the […]

The history of typewriting

Looking Back Into the History of Typewriters Typewriters have taken a backseat with the advent and flourish of computers although it was considered to be most important for all official works in the past. Now you will hardly find any person who uses a typewriter. People have switched to its more advanced version with the […]